Rainy season is the time when contagious disease is on the rise. Keep yourself on guard at all times to enjoy the cool temperature and joyous moment the rain brings.

Cold is very common these days and frequent hand wash with soap and water could save us all from the dilemma of catching any unwanted diseases. Avoid getting caught in the rain without an umbrella or a raincoat to protect you. Bring an alcohol for a quick hand sanitation. This way, colds, flu, diarrhea and the like could be prevented.

We also need to be careful about the food we eat and water we drink. Wash fruits and vegetable thoroughly before eating or cooking them. Drink plenty of water and stay out of street foods as much as possible.

Start your day by eating a healthy breakfast to boost your immune system and be ready to brave the rain.

Here in BSA Tower Serviced Residences, we serve plated breakfast to all our guests. A choice of continental and Filipino foods are available that goes with brewed coffee or juice. Enjoy dining with your loved ones right in your room.

The BSA Tower is located at 108 Legaspi Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City. For more information, call (632) 886-3602 to 04, 887-0147 or email

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